Risk Management

Novius Group understands that technology enables key processes that a company uses to develop, deliver, and manage its products, services, and support operations. By understanding the role that technology plays in supporting various business functions, company management is in a better position to determine the relative importance of these functions and prioritize the systems, applications, and data involved. Technology risks are present throughout the company and must be addressed as a whole.

Identifying vulnerabilities and threats provides company management with a view of the risks faced by the company given the enabling role of information technology. Once these risks have been identified, an appropriate technology risk management strategy can be developed and implemented.

Novius Group often utilizes EMC's RSA Archer eGRC tool to monitor our client's risk management needs and to create an ongoing risk governance program. RSA Archer eGRC allows organizations to build a collaborative eGRC program to manage enterprise risks, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into risk and controls. Novius Group's have many trained and certified practitioners focused on this tool. Because products are built on the flexible RSA Archer eGRC platform, business users can tailor them, create supporting applications, and integrate with multiple data sources without touching a single line of code. The RSA Archer eGRC Community and Exchange provide an active user community and online exchange of applications, content, services, and integrations.