Novius Methodology

Novius' management team has implemented numerous global, highly complex, and highly challenging systems over almost three decades (collectively almost a century). With almost 30 years alone in SAP implementation leadership, Novius has been leading the way to Best Practices with SAP for some time. The Novius Methodology links together the SAP ASAP method with the know how gained in integrating an operational Data Governance Organization. This permits the fullest return on investment for an implementation. Implementations can be inclusive of functional extensions of the system, augmentation of the system with new technologies, integration of systems, and proper archival of data as necessary. Novius does it with the fullest perspective possible to ensure that all system, functional, reporting, and business processes have been mapped and considered before any adverse action takes place. Through thorough and robust reporting Novius ensures that prior to the migration of data from a new source, it is fully understood to ensure the future state avoids unintended consequences.

The Novius Methodology fully maps the people, the processes, the systems, and the technologies as they relate to the data ensuring that the "single version of the truth" remains truly accountable and accurate while mitigating risk exposure during the transition.

Novius Group regularly works the PMO and executive management to ensure accountability and responsibility. Together the combined experience of Novius Group and the PMO have watch over system development and the process of getting the data into the system with the utmost in quality with the least amount of one-off work. Novius Methodology also looks to ensure that the work product is designed such that it can be leveraged throughout the data life cycle.

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