Data security is a moving target - as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase. Because data is a critical component of daily business operations, it is essential to ensure privacy and protect data no matter where it resides. Different types of information have different protection requirements; therefore, organizations must take a holistic and systematic approach to safeguarding information.

Both traditional and modern forms of computer networking aim to provide users with the ability to share data amongst multiple gadgets, whether in the same building or across the globe. Traditional computer networking relied on Ethernet and fiber optic cables to connect various devices on a network. More modern technology has emerged that allows for wireless connections between devices. These technologies include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible devices. It is very helpful to understand the role that each of these technologies plays in computer networking.
  • Wide Area Interconnects: Networks that must support large volumes of devices simultaneously, such as satellites or cellular networks are considered wide area interconnects. They are generally expensive to build and run more slowly than others due to the large area and high volume of users.

  • Long Distance Interconnects: These include cables such as Ethernet and fiber optics. They support a very large amount of data and serve many clients who share common hardware.

  • Short Distance Interconnects: These technologies are much newer than other the others and include tools such as Bluetooth. These interconnects are highly optimized for low-cost and also low power usage. Bluetooth is used in many mobile devices, laptop computers, and speakers in order to enable the transfer of data. Popular information sent over Bluetooth includes music, phone calls, and contact information. The market for Bluetooth technology is growing at a rapid pace to include many other items such as remote controlled helicopters and cars, home security systems, and fitness gear. Because it is rather affordable for the connectivity it supplies, Bluetooth technology is finding its way into countless niches.