Leadership Team

The members of the senior management team at Novius Group have spent many years servicing the technology needs of the financial and medical industries They now want to make their unique viewpoint and expertise available to you.

Marc Attner, President and CEO

Marc Attner brings more than 25 years of experience with major financial services firms to Novius Group. Marc began his technology career as a software developer in 1982. By 1986, he was responsible for managing the global custody systems of Swiss Bank Corporation and soon was responsible for all back-office trading systems. Marc joined JP Morgan in 1991 to manage the development of the new generation of their client communications technology. In 1998, Marc was appointed chief operating officer of FITS Systems, Inc. Co-founded Novius Group in 2003.

Mark Goldman, Senior Vice President, Sales

Mark Goldman brings more than 25 years of technology sales experience to Novius Group. After beginning his career in technology sourcing for Wells Management, Mark joined FITS Systems in 1985. At FITS Systems, Mark was responsible for both sales and recruitment. Mark brings to Novius Group a consulting resource base that he has cultivated over his many years in IT consulting sales.