Data Migrations Services (ETL)

The practice of data migration services dictates that the efforts leveraged to bring the data into a system need not be discarded after the one-time event. Data frequently flows into the enterprise system and it is imperative that corporations seek means of reducing cost, reducing risk of data corruption and increasing data quality when and where possible.

In managing databases, extract, transform, load (ETL) refers to three separate functions combined into a single programming tool. First, the extract function reads data from a specified source database and extracts a desired subset of data. Next, the transform function works with the acquired data - using rules or lookup tables, or creating combinations with other data - to convert it to the desired state. Finally, the load function is used to write the resulting data (either all of the subset or just the changes) to a target database, which may or may not previously exist.

Novius Group brings a full life cycle understanding to the migration activity of projects. This is why Novius has expanded its’ practice to leverage best of breed tools and partner with industry leaders. By using these and other similarly capable tools, we have been able to sustain value for corporations. Our methodology has demonstrated that rules built for the migration can be redeployed for multiple means during the entire ERP life cycle. This is done by reuse of the rules and concepts that are developed during the migration activities. This reuse of work that is already completed adheres to the best of breed structured coding and the finest of Data Governance in the marketplace.